Day 2: Chickpea Millet Paddies with Tofu Tartar Sauce!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 2
Yesterday I finished day 2 of following the 10 Detox Diet out of "Mayumi's Kitchen" cook book.
It is fun following somebody else menu plan, and some of these things I don't usually cook or in little ways I don't usually think of!
but I do make some changes some times so I can work with what ingredients I have.

For Breakfast 
Raw Apple Slices 
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Blanched Kale
Ume Shoyu Kudzu with a little Ginger


For Lunch
Leftover grain Porridge 
(I didn't have any leftover porridge from day 1, so I made a porridge with left overs that I had)
 Pan Fried Seitan
Steamed Sourdough Bread


For Dinner
Pan fried Chickpea Millet Cake Paddies
Tofu Tartar Sauce
blanched Kale and Purple Cabbage
Vegetable Soup with herbs 


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