Day 3. A New Plate!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I am really enjoying having this time and space and project to focus on food and photography, I feel like I am learning a lot just doing it everyday and pretty much my life is wrapped up around food these days! but don't worry I am planning to go out when this 10 day diet thing is done!  

and I got a new plate yesterday yay!! check it out I used it at dinner!!

so yesterday was day 3 and here is what we had!

For Breakfast
Leftover Blanched Vegetable
Miso soup


For Lunch
Left over Chickpea Millet Paddies 
Tofu Tartar Sauce
More Blanched Vegetables
(ok I love Vegetables so yeah)


For Dinner
Brown Rice and Wild Rice Cooked together
Steamed Vegetables
Umeboshi Sauce
Green Lentil Soup with herbs and spices 

there must be some people getting tiered of seeing those same flowers in all the pictures, I got to switch it up!

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