Day 4: and Cookies!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

I made cookies!! they were not apart of the "10 day detox diet" .
but when you have a idea like cookies calling out to you ...I just had to Listen!!  
and they are some of my favorite kind of cookies, I love them so much I even made a video on how to make them if you remember.
and some thing I have been noticing is with this diet (and I am not an expert, I am not sugessting anything, just speaking for my self)
 is I do not eat this much tempeh, tofu , seitan all the time, a couple of times a week maybe... but it is fun to try!! 

For Breakfast
Corn with Umeboshi Paste
Blanched Broccoli
Bancha Tea


For Lunch 
Cucumber Sandwiches
 (ok it was supposed to be cucmbers, but I didn't have any so I used slightly rinsed off dill pickles and blanched daikon) with Tofu Mayonnaise
Blanched Kale
Leftover Lentil Soup


For Dinner
it was supposed to be Sea Bream with fish but I don't eat fish so I made

Tempeh cooked down with Leeks and shoyu
layered out on a bed of reheated leftover Rice
with fresh Parsley 
Miso Soup 

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