The Academy Awards 2014! how we do it in Ionia

Saturday, March 08, 2014

So down here in Ionia we like to  make up our own holidays instead of using the the other ones. 
 we love movies, I mean like LOVE MOVIES! but we don't watch TV (sometimes we have our shows that we watch, but that is besides the point) but we have a  satellite for one day a year, the Academy Awards!
every year we turn on the TV and make lots and lots of food and just sit and watch the Award show.
I personaly wasn't involved in cooking so I don't know a lot of the ingredients and proper names so bare with me please. 

For Lunch
Pasta Salad
Artichoke Hearts
Vegan Mayo Dressing
Fried Peas
Pickled Pepperchinos 
Bread Sticks


For Dinner
Pan fried Gyoza Dumplings 
with Rice noodles and Kimchi 
 some of them had Seitan 
with a Shoyu Garlic Ginger Scallions Sauce
Squash Carrot Tempura nest
White Rice
Fried Udon Noodles
with Sesame Seeds and Carrots and Parsley 
Agedashi Tofu 
with Napa Cabbage
 with Shitaki Mushrooms and Shoyu and Kudzu Sauce
Cucumber Pickles

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