Indian Meal For Full Moon Party

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Another full moon came and went. we actually celebrated it on the 14th, a bit earlier then the exact date of the full moon...but hey we got like  30 something peoples different schedules to deal with here. 
Connor made a really delicious Indian Food meal! so If I don't know the exact names to the dishes I am sorry, But maybe I can get Connor to come and help me make some kind of tutorial for a simple Indian Style Meal!?

For Lunch
Brown Rice cooked with Adzuki Beans
Stir fry Vegetables with Kale, Carrots, Cauliflower 
Napa Cabbage Nuke Pickles


For Dinner 
White Rice
Chickpea Dal 
Potato Gobi with Green Beans
Pori  Bread and Chipati Bread 


Strawberry kanten Pudding with a Coconut mint Cream
 , with Orange slice and Mint for Garnish

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