Tempeh is a wonderful thing, and how to make it!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Tempeh is a wonderful thing! 
Though tempeh isn’t quite as popular as tofu, it is a mainstay of many vegetarian and vegan diets. Like tofu, tempeh is a soy-based product. That is where the simalerieties end. Tempeh is made by fermenting cooked soybeans and then forming the mixture into a firm, dense fungus cake. Some versions also can contain beans, grains. 
Tempeh has a strong, nutty flavor. It also tends to absorb the flavors of any food or sauce to which it is added, which is why I like to cook it down in a flavor broth for a good long time. Dishes, from chilis and stews to sandwiches and tacos, you can add tempeh into anything you want some substantial protien in. 

Last week I taught my first tempeh making class! It went very well. I was so excited to see how many people showed up and were exctied to learn and cook! 
The Tempeh shown below is the temeph we made in class and it came out super delicous. 
I decided to pan fry it to get a crisp then crumbled it up while I added veggies and kimchi and cooked it down with a little broth for a bit. It turned into a stirfry tempeh scramble thingy! 
Had it over rice and It was awesome!

If you are interested in learnin how to make tempeh your self you can you watch my cooking video on how to make tempeh below!

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